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Our mission is to engage more people in the fight
for better life of needy people
Our mission is to engage more people in the fight
for better life of needy people

Meet Our Team

Our rapidly growing team originates from all areas.

But each member has the ambitious drive to create and
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Our Mission

To make learners to learn, what they learn through insights of data using learning analytics .

To make relationship with educators and to ensure that the students achieved their objectives and goals through optimized learning pattern.
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What We Do?

White Box Analytics & Solutions provides meta-report for the purpose of accounting and investigating student learning activities. We create a platform to make student to visualize and realize about thier strength and weakness in a joyful way. We help students begin to summarize what they are learning and purpose of learning.

How It Works?

What has happened? Look at your children's strength and weakness using easy info-graphic meta-report.


Why did it happen? Examining the meta-report allows you to critically assess your children's outcome.


What will happen? This will explain that if your children remain in the same status that what would be his/her outcome.


What should you do? How can a specific outcome are achieved.

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